Devamardeep Hayatpur


I'm a first year Ph.D. student at University of California, San Diego. I work in Human Computer Interaction, and am currently working with Prof. Haijun Xia. Previously, I completed my undergraduate at the University of Toronto in Computer Science. There, I interned at Dynamic Graphics Lab under supervision of Prof. Daniel Wigdor, conducting research in immersive analytics and interaction design.

research direction

I design tools to extend our creative abilities, with the goal of bringing us closer to a future where digital interfaces seamlessly bridge the gap between imagination and creation. At the moment, I'm addressing challenges programmers face in realizing their ideas. Have a look at my curriculum vitae for a complete list of my research and professional experiences.

conference publications

Devamardeep Hayatpur, Haijun Xia, Daniel Wigdor

DataHop: Spatial Data Exploration in Virtual Reality

Stepping into a museum or a cultural exhibition instills a desire within us to explore new topics and cultures. What if we could create a similar spatial structure for visualizing complex and otherwise difficult to approach datasets? In this work, we explore meaningful layouts and organizational schemes for arranging one’s data analysis steps in the virtual environment.

UIST 2020: ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology.

Devamardeep Hayatpur, Seongkook Heo, Haijun Xia, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Daniel Wigdor

Plane, Ray, and Point: Enabling Precise Spatial Manipulations with Shape Constraints

A common complaint of high-degree of freedom input is that it can lead to unaligned and askew content. We looked into addressing this by enabling dynamic mappings of input degrees of freedom to manipulation axes.

UIST 2019: ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology.

creative stuff

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